The Coalition mission is to promote interfaith harmony, peaceful-coexistence, social justice, humanitarian assistance including gender equality by engaging faith-based organizations, women religious leaders, spiritual leaders, scholars, educationists, and communities across Pakistan.


The Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations – Pakistan will play a vital role in fostering social cohesion, promoting interfaith harmony, and advocating for religious freedom and inclusivity. Through its collaborative efforts with the UN/Europe Coalition, it endeavors to build a society where people from different faiths will live together in harmony and work together for the betterment of the country. The CFBOP will be a diverse and comprehensive platform that will bring together different faith-based organizations in the country and connect them with the international coalition partners to advance the global agenda of interfaith harmony collectively. The coalition aims to promote interfaith harmony, religious tolerance, and social cohesion among different religious communities in Pakistan. The coalition recognizes the importance of religious freedom and the need for cohesive societies where individuals of different faiths can coexist peacefully. It seeks to advocate for diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that Pakistan is home to a multitude of faiths, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and others.

What we are – Administrative Office

FACES Pakistan will host the administrative office of the coalition and will provide financial and program monitoring of the CFBOP and develop measurable indicators with monitoring and evaluation framework for the success, such as formation, facilities, and advocacy and networking with stakeholders. The system will outline mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and improvement of CFBOP and services. The CFBOP team will provide, with means of verifications including functioning, attendance, participant feedback, and community engagement levels.

Major Activities

The coalition will foster a dialogue and understanding among different religious groups through various means, such as interfaith dialogues, learning lectures, workshops, conferences and global experiences sharing. The CFBOP will provide opportunities for people from different religious backgrounds to come together, share their experiences, and learn from each other. The coalition will also work towards promoting social justice and addressing the common challenges faced by communities in Pakistan, irrespective of their religious affiliations. It encourages collaboration among faith-based organizations, government institutions, UN agencies, CSOs to tackle issues such as poverty, education, healthcare, and human rights. It denounces violence and intolerance in the name of religion, emphasizing the importance of building bridges and nurturing respect and empathy among all religious communities.

  • Formation of Coalition in Pakistan: The CFBOP will be established in Pakistan after a detailed consultation with faith-based organizations, women religious leaders, spiritual leaders, scholars, educationists, and with the agreement on the common agenda of promoting peace, harmony, and social welfare in Pakistan.
  • Facilitating Interfaith Dialogue: The CFBOP will be a platform for open and respectful dialogue among representatives of different faiths to enhance mutual understanding and promote tolerance among diverse religious communities.
  • Advocating for Religious Freedom: CFBOP will be committed to advocate for the protection and preservation of religious freedom, with a specific emphasis on safeguarding the rights of religious communities in Pakistan.
  • Breaking Down Stereotypes: The CFBOP will educate women religious leaders about prejudice and gender discrimination for encouraging communities to break stereotypes with the acceptance and respect of different religions.
  • Countering Extremism: A key objective of CFBOP will undertake measures to counter radical ideologies and actively promote narratives of peace, coexistence, and unity to foster a more harmonious and inclusive society.
  • Encouraging Community Engagement: CFBOP actively encourages and fosters the active participation of faith-based organizations, women religious leaders and their congregations
  • in community development initiatives. This underscores the shared responsibility of these organizations and women leaders in enhancing societal well-being.
  • Interfaith Dialogue: By providing a safe and inclusive space for dialogue, CFBOP will enable constructive conversations among religious leaders especially women leaders, contributing to a greater sense of unity and understanding.
  • Advocacy and Networking for Religious Freedom: CFBOP will play an essential role in raising awareness about the freedom of religion and lobbying for the protection of the religious freedom in Pakistan.
  • Counter Extremism: The coalition’s efforts to counter extremism will contribute to reduce the influence of radical ideologies, thereby promoting a more peaceful society.
  • Community Engagement: The CFBOP’s will focus on community engagement to foster a sense of responsibility among faith-based organizations, women religious leaders, spiritual leaders, scholars, educationists, and communities to contribute positively to their communities.
  • Exposure Visits and Learnings: The CFBOP will organize exposure and learning visits with the help of the International Coalition Partners and stakeholders.

Asian Team
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Jawaid William

President Asia during the founding period

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