What we are

We, the supporters of the Coalition of Faith based organizations, hereby declare, that we offer ourselves to the service for human dignity and human rights. Human dignity has no color, no religion, no citizenship, no gender and no age. To promote this fundamental dignity of mankind we are prepared to assist UN-programs.

We know that we can create an atmosphere of trust and hope, in which this education can be offered quite reliable, especially also to young people. We are flexible in our actions and able to link the grass route teachings to advocacy. As religions are not primarily the source of problems but mainly – and often forgotten – part of the solution we organize ourselves as potential partners of the UN.

What we do (Q&A)

a)              What specific activities do we conduct?

The Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations is a broadly-based network of faith-based organization that applies shared spiritual and moral values and principles such as acceptance, compassion and respect for interfaith diversity to programs that promote crime prevention and criminal justice.

b)                     Who participates in the activities?

The Coalition serves as a collaborative forum that brings together faith-based organizations, spiritual leaders, believers from the world’s religions, scholars, relevant experts in fields dedicated to crime prevention and criminal justice. The Coalition works in partnership with a variety of UN Agencies, Civil Society Organizations and Interfaith Organizations.

c)                    Where do we conduct the activities?

The activities of the CFBO are conducted in partnership with UN Agencies at the UNHQ in key countries, such as, Vienna, Austria; Geneva, Switzerland; and New York City. For example, the FBO Coalition held a significant event at the UNODC Vienna International Center at the UN, or the UNODC Building in Japan or Geneva. A significant conference was held at the historic Grace Cathedral in San Francisco of honor the vision of the Coalition and UN beginnings.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown at the United Nations, the CFBO conducted Webinars on a relevant topics virtually through Zoom conferencing.

d)                     How the activities further our exempt purpose?

It is recognized that the involvement of FBOs in the UN Agenda on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice has offered innovative and effective solutions which enhance the work of the Commission on Crime Prevention, the UNODC and other UN agencies. Collaboration between FBOs and the United Nations has opened many doors and given hope and resilience in very challenging circumstances.